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Every month we go visit my husband’s parents and every month we have this chicken stir fry recipe.  It’s a simple chicken dish, but the prep time is pretty long, simply because there’s so much chopping of fresh vegetables.  I would suggest doing this on a day when you have some time to put in it.

We always have fried rice with it, so I am including the fried rice recipe along with the stir fry sauce recipe. This is one of the best stir fry sauces I have had (from home cooked stir fry), so I look forward to hearing what you think once you make it for yourself.  You can also make the rice ahead of time for the fried rice. My mother in law always makes it in her rice maker the night before so it is ready when she is.

Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

serves 4

What you need:

1/2 lb boneless skinless chicken (about 2 breasts will do) cut into small chunks
4 Tbsp oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp Ginger ~ minced
1 clove garlic minced
1 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp Mirin (you can find in the chinese food aisle of the grocery store) or dry sherry
3 C chopped vegetables (green pepper, snow peas, broccoli, squash, green onions) It is stir fry you can use whatever you have on hand. My mother in law always adds jicama for a nice crunch, and carrots, and celery.

Stir Fry Sauce

1 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp cornstarch
1/2 C water or chicken broth

What you do:

Grab a wok, if you don’t have one use a large skillet ~ non stick would work well. Heat up your wok and add the oil, salt and chicken.  Cook for one minute stirring to coat the chicken.

Add the ginger, garlic, soy sauce, Mirin and cook until chicken is cooked through. (you can put all of these ingredients in a small glass or bowl while prepping so you can just pour them in when ready)

Remove the chicken to the side.

Heat the wok again and add another 2 tbsp of oil.  Add all your vegetables and stir fry.  Make sure you cook them until they are tender but still crisp. They should retain their color.

Add the chicken back in to the wok, and then add the sauce.  Stir fry until the sauce thickens, and then serve over rice.

Ham Fried Rice Recipe

What you need:

6 Tbsp peanut oil
2 eggs beaten
1/2 C diced ham
4 Tbsp green peas
4 C cooked rice (can be cooked ahead of time)
2 Tbsp chopped green onion
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp Mirin

What you do:

Heat up your wok, and add 2 Tbsp of oil.  Pour in your beaten eggs and stir fry. Remove them from the wok.

Heat the wok back up and add more oil. This time throw in the ham and peas and onion and stir fry for one minute. After the minute remove from wok.

Heat the wok up on more time and add a little more oil. Add the rice and stir fry until it is hot. Then add all the rice ingredients you have already stir fried and add the soy sauce and mirin to the mix. Stir fry for another few seconds to let the flavors mix and then you are ready to serve.

Make it all a meal:

You have everything you need for this to be a complete meal. Plenty of produce from the veggies, and protein from the chicken and eggs, and carbohydrates from rice.  What’s great about this is you know exactly what went into it so you know it’s good for you!

What did we think:

My husband does not like zucchini or chicken breasts. His mom makes this every time we visit and he gobbles it up like it’s going out of style. He loves it, the kids love it. It really is one of the yummiest stir fries I’ve had at home.  If you are looking for a good chicken stir fry recipe I’d try this one and see what you think.

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  1. I love me some chicken! Thanks for sharing that recipe. Here’s a quick tip for when you’re in a hurry and you need grilled chicken fast. First of all, you need to buy the pre-cooked grilled chicken packages at Sam’s Club. They are in the frozen section. They’re mesquite flavored…and quite tasty. So anyway, when you’re in a pinch, just pop these babies in the microwave (about 5 minutes for two), and they come out hot & ready to eat. You can cut them up into strips to use in a salad, eat them as is, or make a sandwich out of them.

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