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Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings Image by Nicole Lee via Flickr This is one of my very favorite recipes. I love to spend a Saturday making the house smell so good. This is not a quick chicken recipe, but it is worth the time it will take to make it. It is still a pretty easy chicken recipe, it just takes some time for things to come together.  I once lived with an amazing cook. He hated my chicken and dumplings, but when I tried his...

Cream of Chicken and Rice Soup

Cream of Chicken and Rice Soup Image via Wikipedia This is an easy and delicious chicken soup recipe. This is a creamy soup that will be perfect on a cold or rainy day.  If you choose not to use the whole spices you can use dry spices, just use about double of the called for spices.  You can also add a little curry powder to this if your family likes more unique flavors. As always, experiment after you’ve tried the original...

Chicken Tortellini Soup

Chicken Tortellini Soup Image by mrfink via Flickr This is a very hearty and easy chicken soup recipe to make.  You can use leftover chicken and refrigerated tortellini. You can also throw in any leftover veggies, and/or whatever you have on hand. Let this recipe be the base for your own delicious creation. I’ll give you some ideas and suggestions for great add ons in the what did we think area.  There will be plenty...

Chicken and Dumplings Stew

Chicken and Dumplings Stew Image by heathercore via Flickr I posted my chicken and dumplings recipe earlier but I recently tried this dumpling stew recipe and thought it was delicious. It’s a different twist on chicken and dumplings and a competely different flavor than the last one I posted. I love chicken and dumplings and I’m always open to trying new recipes for it. This one has some amazing flavors, and is a...
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